Hope everyone is having a great new year!

I’ve got several announcements regarding Bluegrass IT Services Web Hosting services.

First I’ve added Cloud Hosting to our WordPress hosting packages. WordPress Cloud Hosting is designed to keep downtime for your email and websites to an absolute minimum. It is targeted at businesses and consumers who need a very high level of uptime but don’t have a large IT budget to spend on complicated load-balanced, multi-server solutions. It is perfect for web sites that are not busy enough to need the increased hardware resources of a VPS or dedicated server but still would like to have access to enterprise grade hardware and uptime.

Second, we now offer CloudFlare for all hosting packages. CloudFlare is the #1 cloud CDN (Content Distribution Network) and security service that’s protecting hundreds of thousands of websites of all sizes from attacks and providing global increases in speed and security. CloudFlare works by providing a worldwide network of servers those visitors to your site connect to, which complement our own global network of locations to ensure that your site is always performing its best.

Oh yea, I’ve finally finished my site, www.jeffconlin.org . The site is going to offer more detailed information about web design and hosting services and anything else I can think of. Plus I’ll use it for testing of WordPress plugins and other cool stuff you’ll hear about later.

Stay tuned, I’m continuing to add and enhance our Web Hosting services to make Bluegrass IT Services one of the top Web Services companies around. If you have questions, just give me a call @ 502.296.2377 to discuss your website needs.