In case you missed the newsletter I sent out last week, I’m changing the name of Bluegrass IT Services. We will now become Bluegrass Web Works .

Over the past several years, my business has been transitioning from IT services to Web services. Due to more and more customers wanting websites, hosting and email for their businesses. Bluegrass Web Works better reflects the services I provide, Designing, Building, Hosting and Maintaining Websites.

I’ve also found there is a lot of misinformation about website hosting and marketing hype out there. And because it’s rather technical most business owners don’t have the time or the interest in digging into the nuts & bolts of hosting. And it’s not their core business. So, they either end up paying to much for to little or paying for additional stuff they don’t need.

That’s whole reason I started Bluegrass IT Services, now Bluegrass Web Works , to make sure business owners can get what they NEED at a reasonable price backed by professional responsive support rather than a whole of marketing hype and up selling.

I’ll be writing more about hosting thing and the name change in the coming days.