I work with small business professionals to provide online solutions which captivate their visitors and convert leads into clients. For the average business, setting up a website can be overwhelming. I simplify this process by giving valuable guidance and helping them make good decisions which align with their business objectives.

I’m located in Louisville, Kentucky and the owner of Bluegrass Web Works a Web Services company. I started Bluegrass Web Works as a way to bring together all the right web services for our customers to ensure their online success in simple and affordable way.

I can build you an attractive website and make it a productive tool for the success of your business. So, from registering the right domain name to building an attractive search engine friendly responsive website to robust hosting and on-going site management, We have what you need!

My Business at a Glance

Bluegrass Web Works – Evolved from a small business Managed IT Services company to a web services company providing everything businesses need to get online and be successful. Our focus is Web Hosting, Email Services Website Development and Maintenance.

My Philosophy – Provide small businesses, churches, start-ups and organizations of all kinds top quality professional and robust web services in a complete package at a reasonable price. You should have access to the same high-end support and management that “big companies” do on a small business budget.

Why Choose Me – I have over 25+ years in large and small IT environments and understand the needs of small business. My partners and I can get things done the right way to ensure your online success without breaking your budget.